Your startup in 14 days

Transforming ideas into web and mobile applications

What we do

We are a software development house specialising in startups.
We help startups to go online in just 14 days to test the market as soon as possible.

Coffee together

discussing your business idea

planning first IT project

developing in 14 days

What we can deliver
in 14 days

We will launch a minimal web or mobile app to
test the market and attract investors.


Did you know that majority of startups fail because there is no market for them?

By going online as soon as possible you can avoid such a mistake.


The sooner you go online, the sooner you can make money with you tech product and fund the growth of your company.

Being able to present working demo will demonstrate your capability to deliver and will make it easier for investors to understand your vision.

Do you have a revolutionary idea? Start gaining market share before somebody else does.

Launching early will help you to test the market and avoid wasting your money on potentially unsuccessful project.

What happens after 14 days?

We will re-apply our philosophy over and over again.
Be prepared for repeated 14 days of building and testing the market.


Transforming the rest of your idea into full product


Helping your startup grow once it's fully built


Avoiding failure during rapid growth stage

Why us?

No extra staff needed

Our team is composed of various professionals with expertise in project management, finance, corporate governance and other business disciplines. We have it covered.

True part of your company

Unlike usual digital agency, we will become a part of your team. We will join daily catch-ups, hold joint planning meetings, be available for online chat and much more.

Fast-paced environments

Having rigid one-year plan would certainly kill your project. We encourage revisiting priorities every few weeks to keep up with the market and avoid wasting money.

Do you want to know more?
Let's grab a coffee together in London

Not from London? We are happy to work remotely.

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